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// April 2nd, 2015 // Comments Off on Sleepless… // Musings

It’s 230am give or take a few minutes and I can’t sleep.  It seems to be the pattern with me.  Sleep really well for a few weeks then no so good for twice as long.  Rinse repeat.

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Money, Money, Money…

// December 16th, 2014 // Comments Off on Money, Money, Money… // Musings

This morning I woke up to a call from our landlady from when we lived in the duplex (which wasn’t that long ago). I was looking forward to this call in that she had communicated with me earlier in November that she would contact me about our security deposit since she had 30days of us moving out to get it to us.

Little did I know…

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So…How Does One Be Casual…?

// October 9th, 2014 // Comments Off on So…How Does One Be Casual…? // Musings

For a while now I’ve been having a hard time in understanding the term casual.  I mean, I KNOW what it means…”Not regular or permanent” but understanding in how I am supposed to live it AND it be normal.

I guess let me start off with I wasn’t ever really good friend material.  I’ve never been good in starting friendships or keeping them to the point where I can totally feel comfortable in stating “This is why I don’t have friends” or something very similar.

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Still a Way to Go…

// October 3rd, 2014 // Comments Off on Still a Way to Go… // Musings

Woke up this morning after a dream and was angry.  I laid in bed for an hour just emotionally boiling.  Now that I’m up and surprised that Adaleigh is still sleeping (must be her growing!) I’ve come to realize that I still have a long ways to go.

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I Know That Rage….

// September 5th, 2014 // Comments Off on I Know That Rage…. // Musings

I’ve got Kaitlyn  to watching Hunter x Hunter 2011.

I had seen the original anime years and years ago (found out they remade it to follow the Manga more – which explain my confusion throughout the series as we watched it).


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